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FILTAWORX filters have been designed and built in Australia by a team of engineers with a collective experience of over 120 years in many facets of engineering, including extensive experience with self cleaning filters. Using the latest 3D CAD design software our team were able to improve existing designs and materials. All products have been extensively tested on our test station before release into the market. Features include:


  • Stainless steel filter body as standard and corrosion resistant materials throughout.

  • Wide range of sizes, from 2" - 14" (DN50 - DN350)

  • Wide range of fine screen sizes from 800 micron down to 50 micron.

  • Large filtration area.

  • PN10 (150 psi) pressure rating as standard.

  • Simple and easy installation.

  • Low back wash volume.

  • Hydaulic or electric controls available.

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